Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fly on the Wall at Dragon D's

Why do people insist on making complete asses of themselves in public? This stems from a literal scene I witnessed today.

I ducked out to grab a bit of Chinese after an arduous day in class. I'm enjoying some Hot & Sour soup, and in walks this couple. Dragon D's isn't the largest eating establishment, so I heard every syllable the lady uttered. I had my trusty notepad too. I took dictation on the exchange.

"Do y'all have honey chik'n? No? MMMkay... Can we get fried rice? And add egg to that. And no peas, or carrots. Make that two."

Examine that statement. A custom order of fried rice. This customer wanted to nix those little cubic carrots and wilted frozen peas. Lady had no qualms about vocalizing her requests.

I'm going to propose some ground rules. If you're paying less than 10 bucks for food, you probably should take what you get, unless you're hankering for some special sauce. Chill out with the loud, condescending orders at restaurants. Stop acting like a dickhead when you're out in public. Save it for the confines of your residence.

Same goes with ordering coffee or your white chocolate steamer at Starbucks. The length of your custom order is directly proportionate to your asshole quotient.

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Kristjan Michael Morgan said...

One time i took a Starbucks order for a client of ours who was in town for a video shoot. If i remember correctly, it was a Venti Chai green tea, medium ice, skim milk, one pump of syrup, and two straws. Turns out he was a giant douchebag. You are right man.

Seronies said...

So true. It happens way too often.

Apartment story is by far my favorite song on that album. Although that album is incredible.