Thursday, March 27, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?

I'm all in favor of saving the environment and stuff. But there are limits to my green efforts. For example, I'd never drive a Prius. Not for the fact they're hybrids, they're just too ugly. They look like Toyota's designers took a day off and Mrs. Smith's 2nd-grade-art class gladly picked up the slack.

For some reason I hold Prius owners to a higher standard than other, normal, drivers. I expect Prius People to be benevolent stewards of our planet. Spending valuable PTO time restoring beaches and saving Harbor seals. This is not the case.

My expectations were shattered today. It was a nice day so most people on the roads rode with windows down. Prius People indulged too. To my surprise, I saw a Beige Prius Person smoking. I laughed. Hard. The irony was too great to pass up a bloggertunity.

Oh the irony. Lady buys an ugly-as-shit car, to cut down on emissions. Lady now pollutes her on micro-environment with her own smoke. Lady now exhales toxic fumes from enviro-safe, shitty car, into the air she was supposedly saving. It gets better.

Here's the kicker ladies and gents. Chick threw her cigarette into the street. She littered. Game. Set. Match.

If you're gonna do your part, do your part. Don't drive a Prius because Al Gore said it was cool in that movie he made. If you Drive a hybrid, don't nullify your efforts with thoughtless acts of ignorance.

Do it because you're trying to make a difference.


Roy Hinshaw said...

Unbelievable. Maybe she borrowed the car.
Smokers are a different breed altogether, so what d'ya expect?
My mantra is that everyone can make a small change, and it will all add up. This gal might try putting down the cancer sticks.
Remember: The Stone Age didn't end because they ran out of rocks....

Seronies said...

Maybe she bought the Prius because of the outrageously good gas mileage.

Either way she's still gonna spend the money she saved on cigarettes.

woh wohhhhhhh

Kristjan Michael Morgan said...

They should rename that hideous car to the Toyota Pinkly Taurus.

What a pretentious breed of car owners... what, with their "1-29-08" bumper stickers and 77 horsepower.