Monday, January 5, 2009

Fashion Reminder

Just because your motto is "It's fine in 0-9," doesn't give you complete liberty to dress like a douche this year.
Refrain from wearing this stuff:
  • Jeans with holes in them (everyone)
  • Pointy shoes with your jeans with holes in them (dudes)
  • Affliction shirts (everyone)
  • Ed Hardy (everyone)
  • Earrings (for dudes)
  • Goatees (for dudes and girls)
  • Pretty much anything with a skull on it (mostly dudes)
  • Doc Martens (everyone)
  • Distressed baseball caps with overly bent brims (everyone)
  • Dirty shoes (everyone except transients)
Keep your fashion "fine in 0-9."


abby :: tfp said...

i got an ed hardy tshirt for my birthday…and i'm totally loving it.

Tania Rochelle said...

GOsh, Adam, my ripped jeans are like my security blanket, and skulls never fail to make me smile!

I'll have to think about this.