Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Internet Radio

One of my favorite ad agencies in the world, Wieden+Kennedy, started an Internet radio station—they call it WK Radio. You can listen to it here or in your iTunes window.

I've been listening WK radio for a few minutes now, and I'm not super blown away by their selection.I suppose I'll give it a chance for an afternoon.

This brings me to a personality quirk of mine: I judge people by their musical selection. If I'm at a party and someone's playing Brim Full of Asha I might think it's cool—if done ironically. But if there's not a mixup of some truly good music, I cannot possibly enjoy the party. In fact I will stew about it for the next few days.

"What the hell were they thinking?" I'll remark to anyone within earshot. "Don McLean's best hits? At a kegger?"

Moral of the story: I have impeccable taste in music...often I'm too picky about it.

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