Tuesday, August 7, 2007

...When it Hits you feel no pain.

What is it about music? Good beats drive my life. I really don't think I could live a sane, productive life without 'em. Last night I went with a couple of my homies to this dive bar that spins Reggae every Monday night (Monk's House of Jazz for all 801 peeps). There's a little dance floor that inevitably gets covered in booze, but it's always rad to get out and two-step to some good beats. Before I get all misty-eyed about chilling in a smoke-filled dive bar, I'll sum it up. Music rules.

I've become quite an eclectic music listener as I get older. Dependning on my mood, I could be playing Slayer, The Beatles, Thelonius Monk, Eazy E, or a bit of Morcheeba. It pretty much runs the gamut of genres and sub-genres. I used to hate music from the 80s. But I've grown to embrace it. I downloaded Debarge's Rhythm of the Night today, just to have it on my iPod.

I used to shy away from mainstream pop music because most of the dudes were sell-outs. I came to realize if you can make mad money off your art, you win. I'd like to think I'll listen to it regardless if it's top 40 or a heavily guarded indie secret. At the same time, I look at most of the stuff on MTV and wonder how it ever got on TV. It's hard to argue that most of it isn't pure sonic dog crap.

Please enjoy my SOD (Song of the Day). Keep it loud. Thanks.

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erin and shaun said...

Yo Adam! How's it going? I found you through the link on Joy's blog. I love reading your blog; it's really well written and funny. Makes me miss hanging out. Hope everything's going well for you. Also, I still have that friend I want you to meet if you're interested and/or available. Keep it real!