Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Japanese Design and my song of the day/morning

So I'm going to this fancy art school in Atlanta. I'm doing my best to grow out my hair so I can pretentiously wag it away from my eyes. Lately I've spent a lot of time looking at design, art and architecture. I have taken quite a liking to ultra-modern Japanese design. To a certain extent, I've always liked clean aesthetics, but there's something about modern Japanese design that I find simply amazing. There's a book called Wonderwall about Masamichi Katayama. He's the dude that designed some of the BAPE stores. His use of minimalism in his work fascinates me. He solves the problem of creating just a regular-ass store into a real destination. A place where you can go and be in awe of the rad design of the space.

My SOD (Song Of the Day) is Groove Armada's The Girls Say. Seriously. Check this one out.

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