Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cats Rule

Most people take a serious stance when you ask them if they're a cat person. Let it be known that I love cats. The little creatures have so much style and panache. A cat can make a jump from the floor to the table look graceful and elegant. Dogs lope around and bump into stuff. Small dogs quiver and nip and growl furiously.

I was back home this weekend and had a chance to spend some quality time with my cat Ozzie. Dad wants to rename him Newton cause he's taken a liking to nosing things (and by that I mean birthday cakes) off of anywhere that's not the floor.

Cats may seem aloof, but they're sophisticated. They'll come to you when the time's right. They're always looking good. Ozzie keeps his gloves and socks on in case a random need for formal attire arises.

Here's a super rad site that'll make your day. If you hate cats, you have some soul searching to do.

SOD is Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. Check out Jose Gonzales's cover too.

via Cute Overload


Kristjan Michael Morgan said...

hell no i hate cats. this one time i spread chicken wire across my front lawn, and electrified it with an extension cord. The neighbors cat walked across it and its brain was fried in 3 seconds. Then i ran it over with a lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

i. hate. cats.

long live dogs!