Sunday, August 17, 2008

Knock it off with the boring blogs

Married-people blogs suck.

I've been lurking on some of my high school classmates' blogs tonight- I would say about 86% of those blogs are about married life. And they suck. The blogs are done by good people with good intentions, but the results are not good.

Each blog delves deep into the minutiae of picking out paint colors for Kayleb's new room, or how the Brooklynn finally learned to like green beans.

You don't believe me? Read one. Or two.

They're all using the same blog template too. It's terrible.

With that in mind, I've listed some tips to un-horrible your blog.
1) Remove your playlist. No one wants be bored AND listen to Faith Hill's "Lost" or Rascal Flatts "You." Most people would rather get stabbed than listen to your Russian Roulette of crappy music.

2) No more fetus widgets.They look like sea monkeys.

3) Stop exploiting your kids through your blogs. Some of their actions don't warrant a blog entry.

4) You're stuck in your blog. Relate to something you saw on TV (that doesn't have to do with Rascal Flatts new tour or Faith Hill's new fall look).

5) Knock it off with the artsy names for your kids. Simple is better. And if you do use a name from the bible, don't goof with the spelling. You don't have to manifest your creativity through your kid's name.

6) Lose the scrapbook template.


Dave said...

well done.

Kristjan Michael Morgan said...

tremendously on point. enough about little kyson's first day at the pool.

abby said...

wait - i can get rascal flatts to automatically play on my blog?

Evan said...

This is why millions of jews die every day in the holocaust. Atrocious.

Mike and Joy said...

I have to laugh so hard at this, mostly because it is SO TRUE. I am probably guilty of the majority of the things you listed, but it is still....too true. At least I didn't screw up the spellings of my girl's names, right? But I am guilty of the scrapbook header. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

erin and shaun said...

Ha! This is my biggest pet peeve right now. Although I do have a cheesy blog I sure hope it's not as bad as half of the ones I read. You HAVE to check out for a good laugh! It's a perfectly on point spoof blog.