Monday, August 4, 2008

Musical Duldrums

I'm bored of my music. To the point where I've literally thrown CDs out my car window. And lately there's hasn't been much to cure my ails.

Well I take that back. Podcasts are my saving grace. Stones Throw, Mad Decent, and This American Life. They're musical manna.

I find I unconsciously listen to the same 25 songs until they're sickening to my Limbic system. The cure: Change it up. I started listening to the radio. Georgia Tech's WREK 91.1 has a great eclectic mix. And that turned me onto blues. And jazz.

The radio, podcasts, and the shuffle gods put the spice back through my headphones.

On a similar music sidenote: That Shwayze song BLOWS. Their approachable faux-hipster rap/melodic stylings are not long for this world. It's 14:58 on their 15 minutes of fame.

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