Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to Work

I've been off for two weeks. I've been climbing mountains, walking in rivers, shooting guns, eating Mexican foods, spending monies, and mooching off my parents. My friends, the desert does wonders for the soul... BUT all that equates to no blogging. And that's cool... that's cool — all good things must come to an end though.

So here I am back in front of the old computer for another 12-week intellectual crucible.

Here's a couple things I've found on MissingToof: A Drum & Bass remix Of Santogold's Unstoppable. And a bunch of other hour-long megamixes featuring a bunch of rad people.

Back to school, back to school,
I hope I don't look like a fool.
I got my shoes, they're tied up tight,
I hope I don't get in a fight....


Evan said...

Jiminey Christmas. Finally.

abby :: tfp said...

first day of school: did you remember to bring your snack packs?

Erick Montes said...

are you familiar with The Rub's History of Hip Hop mixes? they're boss.