Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Champ

What is the greatest hip-hop song of all time? Can it really be decided? East Coast? West Coast? Dirty South? Chi-town? Underground?

People are pretty partial to certain rap songs. Maybe a certain song marks a period in time. For me, rap symbolizes summer. It represents getting excited. I mostly listen to rap when I'm working out or skiing. It's the beat.

The first time I saw a Gin & Juice on MTV, I was mortified. I think I was in 4th grade or something, so I didn't realize its genius at first. But it grew on me. The first real hip hop I ever bought was ATLiens. After that, hip hop took over my music library.

But back to the issue. What's the best hip hop song ever? Some might think it would be an Outkast song. And that would be a fair assessment. I celebrate Outkast's entire catalog. But it's not 'Kast.

I like a lot of Wu-Tang. And I think Triumph is almost a perfect song. But it's not the best.

The best hip hop song ever is Nothin 'But a G Thang. You know what the beat sounds like. The hook is perfect. The chorus is tight. The rhymes are perfect. Dre on the production. Snoop at his best. What more could you ask for?

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Kristjan Michael Morgan said...

I think I claimed that years ago. It really is the best hip hop song of all time in my book.