Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You're now free to move about the cabin.

I flew a lot in the last little bit- zooming to and fro to see family and friends. Airplanes do funny things to people. I suppose it's the recycled air and the claustrophobia-inducing coach class seating. Here's a few observations from cruising altitude:

When people ride in planes, they instantly love ginger ale and cranberry juice. At no other time to people get thirsty for any of these drinks.

People recline their chairs to get the impression of relaxation. A reclined coach-class seat is the angle of your parent's dining room chairs.

Flight attendants love micromanaging your journey. Your tray table can only be down at certain times. Your backpack must be jammed in the trap where your feet are supposed to fit. You only get 2 ounces of your beverage at a time. Is your approved electronic device switched to off or its flight mode?

Babies and small children love screeching at inopportune moments- air turbulence especially.

Pilots love telling you pilot jargon no one understands. Well, maybe meteorologists. Wind shear, jet streams, wind speed (in nautical miles). They all sound like boat names.


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Tyson said...

So true, except I love ginger ale. All the time. Hope your visit is swell.