Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This girl around the way

I run into the same people a lot. I guess it's because 95% percent of my time is spent within a 6-block radius. When I stray a couple blocks to my apartment complex pool, I see the same characters all the time. This post is dedicated to one of those people.

I call this girl "Southern Tara Reid." This title is very valid- she's pretty hot. Hot enough to turn heads at a pool. The similarities don't stop there though. Southern Tara has an affinity to alcoholic beverages. Every time I see her she's either drinking Natty light, or talking about drinking. From the sounds of it, she could drink a Lumberjack under the table.

There's another similarity. Well, not really. Southern Tara's voice is husky too. Not cute husky, though. Think Gremlin husky. Or Dr. Claw. Or Ma Fratelli. Like there's some pea gravel in her larynx. Whatever you're picturing, it's probably deeper than mine. Her 4-pack-per-day smoking habit probably doesn't help the voice thing.

Anyway, she'd probably be a good person to have your back in a bar fight. I guess my other point is: looks can be deceiving. The hot girl at the pool is, much like Tara Reid, a train wreck.

(I'm sure she's a nice person.)

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Kristjan Michael Morgan said...

Ugh. Maybe you can make friends with her enough to snap a cell phone pic? i want to see this girl.