Monday, July 21, 2008


Vampire Weekend frolicks out of my earbuds as I type this. The self-titled album struck a chord with me. Track 2 muses about the use of a serial comma (i.e trains, plains[,] and automobiles.)

Anyways this album seems like it was written for Wes Anderson. It has that smart-as-a-whip quirk that is Anderson's calling card. I instantly imagine a scene from Rushmore, as a backdrop to Jason Shwartzman plotting some tomfoolery.

Mark my words, he'll use it in his next film.

This album also smacks of Paul Simon. Both of Simon and Garfunkel vintage, and the stuff with Ladysmith Black Mombazo. Yet it also has a throwback feel--like the Animals.

The album is great. It's a perfect break from your normal playlist.

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